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 New England

doing what i do

I'm loud and silly and hard to take serious.

Loved and hated, young at heart.

Carefree with bare feet and a smile.

Monday nights from 9pm til 11pm if you go to you can sometimes hear me talk in between epic music playing.

I own every pair of lace mini cheekster panties from Victoria's Secret. I literally check every day to make sure.

I eat non-stop. The way to my heart it through my stomach. I'm also an amazing chef.

People who say they don't like anal are lying or doing it wrong.

Here's to dinosaurs that vomit rainbows and me being a Princess. Seriously though, I'm definitely a Princess.

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I am not really grasping the whole incentives part of this by the horns, but I got nudes for days.

gimme 05 votes and I'll give you the whole set as published on Zivity.

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get it while it's hot. haa!

Make sure you message me after you've voted so I can make sure to get you stuffs


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Thanks for the friendship Izzy, appreciated!


Thanks for being my friend.

Check out my first prize entry and let me know if you think I've got what it takes.