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 San Franfuckingcisco

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"So I'm living in la-la land, well, at least I'm not living at home." - The Dresden Dolls

Queer as all fuck, beauty school star student, peep show dancer, part polar bear, part dinosaur, drag queen, brave, eclectic, unpredictable, attracted to sparkles and stockings.

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6 Photosets


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Hi everyone! Here's my list of incentives for you all! <3

Beauty in Shadows
5 votes - 5 hi-res downloads for you to keep!
10 votes - 10 hi-res downloads for you to keep!
20 votes - Download the whole set!
25 votes - The whole set, plus a few very naughty photos that didn’t make it to Zivity…
40 votes - All of the above, plus a silly but sexy behind-the-scenes video shot by the photographer’s girlfriend. Lots of zoom-ins and amusing banter!

Yule-Tied Denali
5 votes - 5 hi-res downloads from the set!
10 votes - 10 hi-res downloads from the set!
15 votes - 10 hi-res AND 6 behind-the-scenes photos!
20 votes - BTS photos AND the whole set in hi-res!
25 votes - BTS, the set, plus 5 extra photos!
40 votes - All of the above, plus a special holiday surprise from me!

Because Why Not?
10+ votes gets you the whole set to download in hi-res
30+ votes gets you a video of me in the bath tub showing off my everything ;)

10+ votes - ten hi-res downloads of your favourite shots from the set!
15+ votes - get the whole set to download and treasure for always and ever!
25+ votes - The whole set + 11 hot bonus shots!
30+ votes - All of that plus 6 behind-the-scenes shots of our body-painting shenanigans!
40+ votes - I'll paint YOUR name on my chest and send you photos!

DOMA is Dead!
5+ votes - five hi-res copies of your choosing to keep and treasure forever!
10+ votes - ten hi-res copies of your choosing!
15+ votes - ten hi-res copies AND five "too hot for zivity" shots!
25+ votes - the whole dang set in hi-res, complete with ten bonus and "too hot" shots!
35+ votes - the whole set plus ALL 20 of the bonus/too hot photos!

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Hey! thanks for the fr... hope you're having a great weekend!


Hello lovely :)


haha I love your new self shot set :)