Playing in the Rain

by SadPenguin featuring CherieDeville

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SadPenguin says: “I grew up 2 blocks from the beach. While this was great, it also meant that my world was overrun every summer by weekenders/beach goers (we called them Bennies, I was never sure why =P). So, during the summer, the only time our town felt like it was ours, was when it was raining out. If the weather was poor, you could bet that my little brother and I would be out in it. Although, while we liked to play in the water, wherever we found it, I don't think we looked this good doing it. ^_~”

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  • 1063753

    Don't know how I missed this set but I'm glad I found it. Beautiful, fun and sexy. Great job.

  • Csdewittphotography-80x80

    Very Beautifully Done.... you have an Amazing Figure and Body.... This is a Fantastic Photo Set....

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    do you ever trade "bonus" photos with other Zivity artists...?? i have a model friend here who sends me hi res photos and bonus photos and i reciprocate...!! beautiful photosets...!!