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in Return to the Secret Garden (19 photos)

by Dr_U


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“If I've learned anything about photography it is that since tomorrow is not promised, you should always shoot when the opportunity arises. This set is a wonderful example of that adage as it came about after hearing from Chelsea Christian that she was on a cross country tour and barring an act of God this would likely be the last time I would have a chance to work with her. With that type of pressure for this to happen I had to hustle because all of the places that I normally shoot at fell through. Desperate, I called a friend who had always supported my work. to see if they could bail me out one last time and she came through as always. We shot this in the backyard and used a table cloth to add a bit of privacy and hide the fact a neighbor's house was barely 20 feet away but this was technically shot in the wide open.”



The Collared Life

featuring ChelseaChristian


it's Bedtime

featuring ChelseaChristian


Playful Pleasure

featuring ChelseaChristian


Pretty in Pantyhose

featuring ChelseaChristian


Faint Glimmers

featuring Vaunt


Broken branch

featuring LaceLeBlanc