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excited about my first set to be published! Check it out!

A ball of energy just waiting to burst! I love being a model!
I am 5'3", brown hair and brown eyes. I am not short I am just fun-sized...
I have 3 tattoos :an array of hibiscus flowers on my right side, a hummingbird on my left and a heart between my shoulders. I also have piercings: two holes in each ear, tongue, nipples, belly button and clitoral hood. Love the tats and the piercings and hope to maybe get some more soon!
I am really outgoing and fun to be around. I am always known as SUNSHINE because I know how to light up a room :)
Thanks for visiting my page and have a wonderful day :)

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Hey there, thanks for your friendship!


Greetings Friend!


Hi, Candy! Looking forward to seeing your first Zivity set.