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in Candy's Wall (20 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“Candy has such a gift for getting us into locations.. when the Pink Floyd prize came up she told me that she knew of the perfect wall for the shoot.. and within days had us all set to get in... A special thank you to the Cuda Club for letting us come in and shoot... the wall made for a great backdrop for this concept. Anyone who has seen The Wall, knows that it is an odd mixture of realism, and animations... with animated drawn sequences.. this was my attempt to capture some of that spirit.. (Note that these images are also available without creative edits in the bonus album. Love this set.. and we'll love you back double.. Vote incentives are in place for this set.. see my profile for more details. ”



Derby Girl

featuring CandyLane


Playing In a Waterfall

featuring CandyLane


Sweet Rider

featuring CandyLane


Queen of the Gypsies

featuring CandyLane


Rose Tattoo

featuring DaleyCatherine



featuring SeraFerron