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in Under the Heat Lamp (16 photos)

by Redrum_Collaboration


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“Caitlin Michele came over early in the morning the other day... it was cold... you know, since Spring is NEVER truly coming anytime soon... and we had planned to shoot by a drafty window where I could built my mini indoor garden... I wanted to keep her warm so I put the heat lamp I use for my plants on to keep her warm while I set up the real lighting. Needless to say, I was quite inspired by the warm red light on her and ended up turning off my strobes and using the mixed light of the red lamp and the sunlight that pours in through the window... and this is what we got! ”



The Barrens (New Jersey)

featuring CaitlinMichele


Splashes of Red

featuring CaitlinMichele


The Pink

featuring CaitlinMichele


The Chair: Series 1

featuring CaitlinMichele


Punk Rock Religion

featuring Delilah Darlin


black and blue

featuring deannadeadly