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in Pink Fishnet Peek (40 photos)

by DastardlyDave


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“Bella and I go way back, she's actually the first model I ever shot nude. I boned it... I mean epic fail on that set. It was my first time using studio strobes and I pulled them over with the sync chord. I wound up shooting most of the set with the modeling lights and they were blurry, grainy but Bella was awesome. At one point she comes over and says to me "Can I get naked now? Its kinda what I do!" Well, I kept shooting and at one point I squatted to get a shot and ripped the crotch of my pants. Which, whatever, embarrassing but I had to ride 50 miles in 50 degree weather on my motorcycle to get home. Well, I am glad to say this shoot was much more successful. Bella came out to hang out at my booth at the Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo and after the event we went back to the house I was renting and shot a quick set before turning in for the night.”




featuring BellaVendetta


Greylock Field

featuring BellaVendetta


cowgirl and corn

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the flora

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Kami slamming Time

featuring GennaBee


Face to Face

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