in Soda Soak Down (43 photos)

by JSpencer


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“When using words isn't enough to describe your disgust with a "nanny state" concept, using humor, and a lot of soda, just might be. Watch the lovely Ayako drink, splash, and soak herself down with soda pop! If you're wondering if those stains will come out, so are we!! We also have some bonus content available for this set. Want to see the short video of Ayako finishing off the soda by pouring it all over herself? Then vote 15 times and we'll send you the behind-the-scenes video! https://vimeo.com/43869151 Vimeo video password: soda *Any symbols, signs, or other depictions are the property of their prospective owners and only used here as props.”



kitty, kitty

featuring Ayako



featuring Ayako


Steam Punk Couture

featuring Ayako


Ayako in the Warehouse

featuring Ayako


Four peas

featuring Gothlet


Gothlet's Grand Day Inn

featuring Gothlet

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