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in Stairway to... (31 photos)

by SevenCondors


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“In this set the lovely atticafaye13 is ascending the stairs of an abandoned grain elevator. The interesting thing about this set is, we had visitors who came up the stairs and walked outside to have a beer and take pictures. We both knew these two guys were right outside the door and we didn't know if they were going to come back in or wait out there. Incentives are very fun for this set: $10 gets you the full set plus 10 extras. $25 gets you all of the above plus 5 too hot for Zivity. $35 gets you all of the above plus all the "too hot" shots. Be sure and message All incentives will come from atticafaye13 and she will be thrilled to hear from you as well. ””



Red wall and striped kneehighs

featuring Atticafaye13


Blue hoodie

featuring Atticafaye13


Smart men always make passes at girls who wear glasses

featuring Atticafaye13


The Old Dance Studio

featuring Araina


2014-09-14 - Dimora - Fun with Fans

featuring dimora


The Old Crane

featuring Kasai