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in Her final nesting place (16 photos)

by cannibalized


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“As most animals, they like to be in isolation and desolation when sick, down, or dying. Privacy during these times is instinctual. Cats may hide under your home, people may lock themselves away in their bedroom. This is not to say anything was wrong with Asphyxia Noir, but as I am starting to do sets a bit more I don't want to show "porn", I want to display emotion with body language and lighting. Forgive me, I am not a "set" shooter. I love to tell a story, but usually do with one image. Give me time? :) Asphyxia is an amazing friend of mine, and an amazing girl and model. I miss her dearly, and when she visits me from across the country it is always a joyous event. ”




featuring Asphyxia


Boom Arm

featuring Asphyxia


Asphyxia Grey Mod

featuring Asphyxia


Room 21

featuring Asphyxia


In the Mirror

featuring janemarguerite


Whole World Turns To Fire

featuring Zzy