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Model, Burner, Professional Redhead and Turtle Lover.




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Redding, Ca

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Anything by Tom Robbins

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Super Booty!

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  • Posted on 01/25/2015 by Mari0n   
    Just passing by to say hi, I hope you are doing well ♥

  • Posted on 05/19/2014 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Monday! :) Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  • Posted on 04/22/2014 by Merlowe   
    Come BACK! Or tell me where to find you! xo

  • Posted on 03/18/2014 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day! :) How was your weekend?

  • Posted on 03/10/2014 by Gentleman_Casper   
    Creepin back...Miss me? ;)
    CALLING ALL BOOKWORMS! ...friendly boost? lol
    I need reviews on Amazon for my book, if ya dig it, it wouldn't hurt to pass it around like good weed ;):

  • Posted on 02/22/2014 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Friday! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  • Posted on 12/31/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    I hope you have a wonderful 2014!! :)

  • Posted on 12/24/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Christmas Eve Darling! :) I probably won't be online again until after Christmas so I wanted to make sure I wished you a merry one now!! :) <3

  • Posted on 11/25/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Sprinkling a little random love on your wall!! <3 <3 <3

  • Posted on 09/30/2013 by Meness   
    wanted to stop by and say "Hey"...Have a great week dollface!!!

  • Posted on 09/29/2013 by minuitstorm   
    Thank you for adding me!

  • Posted on 09/25/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Hump Day!! Hope you're having a good week :)

  • Posted on 09/06/2013 by Shakikai   
    Just stopping by to let you know that I genuinely appreciate the love and support you give! Thank you uber much! <3

  • Posted on 06/12/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Hump Day :P How's your week going?

  • Posted on 05/20/2013 by Teva   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request! I love your work ♥

  • Posted on 05/05/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Hey :) Happy Cinco de Mayo darling!

  • Posted on 04/19/2013 by effettoneve   
    Welcome ^_^
    Kisses from Italy :*

  • Posted on 04/17/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Hump Day! When do we get new sets from you? :P <3

  • Posted on 03/30/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Easter Weekend! <3

  • Posted on 03/10/2013 by brandypetrie   
    Beautiful pics

  • Posted on 03/04/2013 by Saloma   
    Hi friend! I hope you have a great week. Sorry for being disappear this last time, but now i’m back and i have exclusives sexy incentives for voting on my pasts sets. Hope you check it out on my wall!
    Kisses. Xoxo

  • Posted on 03/03/2013 by cladonia   
    You latest set is super. I wish I were a bat in that bellfry... but, then again, I'm already a 'dingbat'.

  • Posted on 02/13/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Hump Day! Also Happy early Valentine's Day! I'll be in class for most of it so I might as well wish it to you now :P

  • Posted on 02/01/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Friday! Got anything fun planned this weekend?

  • Posted on 09/30/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    5 votes for this silky sexy set will receive the entire set in hi-res!
    ArielVonVargas in China Doll

  • Posted on 01/01/2013 by EminenceFront   
    Thank you for accepting my friend request!

  • Posted on 12/31/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy New Year! :) <3

  • Posted on 12/25/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Merry Christmas! :)

  • Posted on 12/20/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Aww your status makes me sad :(
    I thought I sent you one about the clothing swap thing but maybe I forgot.... Or maybe it just sounded too much like a chain letter :(

  • Posted on 11/24/2012 by deannadeadly   
    Im doing my very first zivity chat tomorrow 3-6pm EST! Hope you'll come in and say hey!
    Also redhead love! <3

  • Posted on 11/22/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Have a nice Thanksgiving! :)

  • Posted on 11/07/2012 by (deleted) Angel_X   
    Hey beautiful!!! I just wanted to drop by and say I MISS YOU!!! Haven't had time to chat lately, so if I get caught up in crazy life again.... Happy Holidays a little early. :-P

  • Posted on 11/01/2012 by ZoelieLynn   
    Thanks for accepting! You're so gorgeous <3

  • Posted on 10/31/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Halloween! :) Got any fun plans for tonight?

  • Posted on 10/30/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    The prize ends! :)

  • Posted on 10/24/2012 by Vera Baby   
    Hey girl! I know this is random... But I wanted to throw the girls on here a link to my new YouTube channel. I'm starting a YouTube dedicated to hair and makeup tutorials... My first video is doing a Hair Bow... hope you like :P

    If you're able to share on twitter, fbook, anything its SO SO appreciated. Thank you

  • Posted on 10/21/2012 by FaeDcay   
    Thanks very much for voting!

  • Posted on 10/21/2012 by ArielVonVargas   

  • Posted on 10/12/2012 by Abrupt   
    Awwwww thank you so much for your love gorgeous! My apologies for not seeing and saying sooner :( I'm not sure if I missed it I've been so all over.... :(

  • Posted on 10/12/2012 by Kealani   
    Thank you so showing me and my kitty some love ;) Meowmeow!
    btw....super sexy new set! You guys are so brave for shooting in that tower when it was so hot!

  • Posted on 10/12/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Thanks lover, and I just adored your set, made me think of a playboy editorial! sooo hawt. We had fun shooting although it was terribly hot, I actually am a bit of an exhibitionist...*BIG SUPRISE...NOT!* so it was right up my alley...or...errr.....tower!

  • Posted on 10/09/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Ive been great, just working alot, how are you!? xoxo

  • Posted on 10/10/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Same here, its beautiful is Southern california.

  • Posted on 10/04/2012 by JasmineDukes   
    Thank you for voting beautiful <3 xo

  • Posted on 10/04/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    but of course, darling. xoxo

  • Posted on 10/04/2012 by witchartist   
    OH MY...I can hardly choose which one to draw first!!!!!!!!! You blow me away with how gorgeous you are! <3

  • Posted on 10/04/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    You are soooooooooo sweet...TOO SWEET! I cant hardly wait! xo

  • Posted on 10/04/2012 by witchartist   
    Thanks for being my friend are absolutely incredibly GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I have to draw your portrait, too! Do you have a favorite pic here? Have a grand day sweetheart! <3 XOXOXOXO

  • Posted on 10/03/2012 by Merlowe   
    Love your new set...missed u!

  • Posted on 10/03/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Ive missed you too BooBoo! kissess.

  • Posted on 10/03/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    workworkworkworkwork. Feels like thats all I do, but its all good. Trying to save some $$ for a car...working on some photography of my own! du-du-du-dunnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Posted on 10/03/2012 by JBHstudios   
    Look at you being very much number one in the Catsuitastrophe contest!

  • Posted on 10/03/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Well, its not vote-based and there are alot of other beautiful and sexy sets, so we shall see! Thanks babe.

  • Posted on 10/02/2012 by MissDahlia   
    Absolutely love your set in the catsuit contest!!!! <3

  • Posted on 10/02/2012 by MissDahlia   
    and that profile picture rocks. :)

  • Posted on 10/03/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Thanks girl, that means alot coming from such a beauty as yourself! <3

  • Posted on 10/03/2012 by MissDahlia   
    *blushes* i could say the same back to you <3

  • Posted on 10/02/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Funny, I thought the same thing when I saw your friend request, my dear. <3

  • Posted on 10/01/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Ahh I love the new set! :)

  • Posted on 10/01/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    omg, it was like 120 degreess no exaggeration so Im glad we got some half way decent shots...I was really impressed with George's shooting on this one! <3

  • Posted on 10/01/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Haha wow you must've been melting! <3

  • Posted on 06/18/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    I love you cos youre fucking fabulous. Yes, this is to all my Zivity lovers and friends. <3

  • Posted on 09/26/2012 by (deleted) Angel_X   
    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Posted on 09/22/2012 by LunaDelFuego   
    I fucking love you.

  • Posted on 09/21/2012 by AWGollings   
    You're beautiful, thanks for the FR us gingers have to stick together right? x

  • Posted on 09/17/2012 by JBHstudios   
    You little Luna lovegood you! (Harry Potter reference!)

  • Posted on 09/18/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Always had a soft spot for Miss Luna. <3

  • Posted on 09/18/2012 by JBHstudios   
    As we do for you!

  • Posted on 09/17/2012 by (deleted) Angel_X   
    Happy Monday, gorgeous!!!! Hey, if you get a second.... check out my latest set and let me know what you think?
    Miss chatting you up, love!

  • Posted on 09/10/2012 by (deleted) Angel_X   
    Hello love! Sorry I've been so out of touch! Work has been murder, and I hate to admit it, but I don't own a home computer!!! So, when I don't take breaks and lunches, I don't get to chat with my Zivity loves! *sad panda face*
    So, I'm making SURE I take a minute today to say "Hi!!" and "How are you?!?!"
    Hope all is well!! Drop me a line sometime!
    ~ <3 ~

  • Posted on 09/10/2012 by Abrupt   
    China Doll wow <3

  • Posted on 09/12/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Thank you so much for taking note baby. How have you been lately. Ive missed you dearly! xoxo

  • Posted on 09/09/2012 by Merlowe   
    I simply love your China doll

  • Posted on 09/12/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    I absoloutley love YOU!

  • Posted on 09/06/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Can't wait to see your new set! :)

  • Posted on 09/09/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Oooh that last photo of the set is fantastic! i mean the whole set is good too but that last photo is my favorite :) <3

  • Posted on 09/03/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Labor Day! <3

  • Posted on 08/25/2012 by Merlowe   
    Spanx sweets you can have all of my ice cream..every last drop! You should PM me your email addie I want to thank you properly! xo

  • Posted on 08/25/2012 by Abrupt   
    I want another YOU set :(

  • Posted on 08/26/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    I know I know! I finally sent off my picks to a photog and waiting on the editing which we never go over the top woth anyways so it shouldnt be long..Ill message him.:)

  • Posted on 08/29/2012 by Abrupt   

  • Posted on 08/25/2012 by Merlowe   
    Ah I miss you! Just had 2 sets go up shot by my hubbie and would love if you would take a peek and welcome him to the Zivity family! I do hope all is well in your world love and that you are enjoying these last few moments of the summer?!

  • Posted on 08/16/2012 by Merlowe   
    Hiya honey..I am so hope you had a wonderful week! I just had a new set go live..I love riding my motorcyle but I really love getting it clean! I hope you do also! ~xo

  • Posted on 08/10/2012 by (deleted) Angel_X   
    Hey doll!! I just wanted to drop by and say Thank you!!! My Typhoid Mary set won the Cosplay contest today (My first contest win EVER!!!) I know it wasn't determined by votes, but I still wanted to thank you for your support on the set!
    ~ <3 ~

  • Posted on 08/09/2012 by (deleted) Angel_X   
    Just dropping by to say hello, love! How's your summer? <3

  • Posted on 08/01/2012 by Abrupt   
    Good morning pretty <3

  • Posted on 08/04/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Good Morning sexy mama!

  • Posted on 07/25/2012 by Merlowe   
    Miss is this summer treatin you luv?

  • Posted on 08/04/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    hey baby, Ive been super busy trying to open a second location for my bar and its taking me away from my precious Zivitytime!!! Miss you and lovvvvvvvves Whats new with you!?

  • Posted on 08/04/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    I cant wait to go back already. haha!

  • Posted on 07/24/2012 by (deleted) Angel_X   
    How was (is?) Santa Cruz? Hope you had fun and got to relax and play!! <3

  • Posted on 08/04/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Sorry Ive been gone chicadee, hope you are well. Much Much lOVES! great new stuff! hot hot hot

  • Posted on 08/06/2012 by (deleted) Angel_X   
    It's been SUPER busy on this end!!! And thank you, love!!! Got another set coming up.... WHEWWEE!!!! It's gonna be fun! ;)

  • Posted on 07/24/2012 by Matt1   
    Thanks for being a friend. You rock! x

  • Posted on 07/19/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Ahhhh! I wish I were in town this weekend so I could meet you! I'm out of town all summer :(

  • Posted on 07/19/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Have a wonderful time in Santa Cruz!

  • Posted on 07/19/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Thank you love! !

  • Posted on 07/17/2012 by Abrupt   
    Pssssssssst what is cos? Do share.

  • Posted on 07/18/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    cos...just short for because :)

  • Posted on 07/17/2012 by Abrupt   
    Hot red head inspired? Neat! :) Thank you oodles for your loven hot stuff!!! :D

Zivity loves you too.