in Bare-Bottom Boudoir (31 photos)

by Downtown Dan


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“"Araina, you have been quite a distraction to the men and even the women on our floor since you arrived." This was going to be much harder than I thought. I don't understand..." she said. The tears in the corners or her eyes made her look so vulnerable. Araina Nespiak was VERY attractive. With her wavy brown hair, wet brown eyes and trim but shapely figure she makes me think of Monica Belluci, but even sexier. The problem was that she flirted with anyone in the office - male or female. She dressed much too provocatively and she shamelessly showed off her body and teased everyone with her every movement. "But, Sir, I thought I was doing a good job and that everyone liked me." "I do...I mean we all do but Miss Nespiak, you have been driving all the men and even some of the women totally to distraction with your short skirts, and your low cut blouses. It's as if your every movement in the office is designed to tease or show off your body." "Well, Araina, I really don't think it would be possible to hide your looks or change your behavior at this point. I do think that I could probably arrange to keep you on but I'd move your desk to a less public spot. My typist is leaving. Perhaps I could move you to my outer office." I hesitated then added, "But, of course there would have to be some discipline or reprimand for your failure in this first review." Araina smiled and looked straight ahead. "Miss Araina, the way for you to keep you job ...the only way is for you to lay across my lap and take an old fashioned bare bottom spanking for your failure in your review. Do you understand me?" She met my gaze with a soft pout then slid closer to me and before bending forward she whispered, "Yes, Sir, I understand you." Then she stretched out across my lap so her round behind was over my right thigh, and gazed at her shapely ass…..”

Downtown Dan


graffiti glamour

featuring Araina


Blue lace

featuring Araina


Night of Bright Lights

featuring Araina


Freight Elevator

featuring Araina


Melissa in the hotel

featuring Meltonguemodel


Heaven, Earth, Hell!

featuring Carmen_9