in Prisoner of Lust (22 photos)

by Downtown Dan


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“The emotions had been building up for the past three months. Nothing was the same since she had come into his team. He stayed back in the conference rooms long after she left, just breathing in her perfume. He stole secret glances over his laptop to grab a glimpse of her, and she returned them when she hoped nobody was looking. He caressed her chair with secret longing each evening after she tossed her handbag on her shoulder and walked out of the office. It was an emotion beyond his control. It was pure lust at times, and sometimes he wondered if it could even be love. They felt imprisoned by their lust for one another. An email popped up in his inbox from her. ‘Can you come to my house tonight for my birthday party’? He replied immediately. ’ Yes’. They didn’t say another word to each other for the rest of the day. There was no party. Alone was where they wanted to be, and that was where they went. Those lust-filled moments in parking lots, lifts, conference rooms and glass cabins sought nirvana in that room. Three months of pheromones were about to culminate into a burst of passion. ”

Downtown Dan


graffiti glamour

featuring Araina


Blue lace

featuring Araina


Night of Bright Lights

featuring Araina


Freight Elevator

featuring Araina


Heaven, Earth, Hell!

featuring Carmen_9


Edgar Allan Poe, Ligeia

featuring ligeia