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For those who don't know, I'm Roxy Angel Raven, new, up and coming alternative model from the Jersey Shore. Modeling was always a dream of mine right from the start. But I left it at just that, a childhood dream, for a long, long time. Until one day, when I heard a local classic rock radio station was having a contest to find girls to represent the station. Being a lover of classic rock, and a of the station, I entered. A few weeks later I was contacted and told I was chosen to compete! So, I showed up at the bar and blew the competition out of the water! I won based on a text vote from everyone at the bar that night. My prize for wining was I got to represent the station at local events, make on-air appearances, and go on a photoshoot to be in their 2010 calendar. Right there is where my modeling career blossomed. I took the shots from that set and created a page on a site called Model Mayhem. From there I connected with some outstanding local photographers and just kept shooting as much as I could. And here I am now, a year later, with a bunch of amazing photos and a ton of knowledge from just hands on experience.

Buts there's so much more I still want to learn and accomplish with modeling. For the future, I would love to start blending my love of music with my modeling. I'm interested in connecting with metal/hardcore bands that are seeking models for merch or promotion. I'd also like to start working and shooting with other models in the metal/alt genre. This is my passion, and a part of my life now. Modeling is so much fun for me, and I do not foresee ever stopping. Ready or not, here I come...and I'm here to stay.


I'm a clerk at a porn store and a sexy lingerie store ;)


Lakewood, NJ

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I like Greg Isles, hes good =]

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  • Posted on 11/12/2011 by AlycHope   
    hey darling how are you lately

  • Posted on 10/06/2011 by Kealani   
    Thanks for the add! Your gorgeous! Love your first set, good luck in the contest! :)

  • Posted on 10/06/2011 by SadPenguin   
    Congrats on your first set!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by onirico   
    Pretty debut, welcome!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by Manjuan   
    Thank your for the add. I have to agree your first set is pretty awesome!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by ElenaBathory   
    Great first set girl;) Love those thigh highs! xo

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by Gwendolyn   
    Nice debut set!

  • Posted on 09/28/2011 by CherieDeville   
    Hi new friend :)

  • Posted on 09/28/2011 by SadPenguin   
    Nice to meet you. ^_~

  • Posted on 09/26/2011 by ElenaBathory   
    You made a new page?

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