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 Pewaukee, WI

5 "Noteworthy" Sets.... I haven't had much of a chance to be on here but I promise you I will be on in a few weeks. Miss My Fans

Hey Everyone!!! My name is Amilynn and I am a single mom of 2 beautiful daughters, a college student (almost finished) and a model.

I am very passionate about my modeling and the type of shoots that I do!!! - I am a very open minded woman who is always looking for innovative, new, creative photographers, mua's, hairstylists, or wardrobe stylists to work with!!!

I am a very humble woman when it comes to the modeling industry. I appreciate all of the love and the support that I receive and strive to always create something amazing !!!!

So I am looking forward to networking, Adding friends, and Receiving Lots Of Votes and Support !!!

Always Striving For The Best 4 U!

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5 Photosets


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UPDATE !!!!! MY TOP FAN IN 3 DAYS........ SILVERFOX51 !!!! Luv Ya !!!


Posted on 07/12/2012 by Amilynn (Reply | Delete)
3 "Noteworthy" Photo Sets in 3 Days Live!!! Please take time to show me support... And feel free to vote for me as many times as you wish !!!

I'm sooo excited about this... I truly cannot believe how quickly I have been noticed and It's only going to want me to give you more!!

20 votes - I will give you a Photo of your choice
30 votes - I will send 5 photos of your choice
40 votes - I will send you a full set
50-70 votes - I will send a full set + 3 "Incentive" photos
80-90 votes - I will send a full set + 5 "Incentive" photos
100+ votes - I will send a full set + 10 "Incentive" photos + a "Surprise"

I truly appreciate every fan that I have on here..... I do this because I love it...

I also do this because I love making my fans smile....

If you ever have any suggestions of shoots, feel free to inbox me with your ideas....

Again, thank you sooo much...


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Thanks for accepting my friend request.


Sure sweeti, feel free to keep in touch !!


very cool 4th set, really nice job and it is always a pleasure to work with you.