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I really need to get back into modeling. It's been far too long. :(

I'm Adrastea. I like to fix the broken and make the pretty ugly. I`m shy, or outgoing. I`m a walking oxymoron. My moods change in two seconds. I will be the nicest person in the world, until you piss me off. I`m a learning photographer, a writer, and sometimes a model. Majority of the time i'm a make-up less, and sometimes I only wear eyeliner. I believe that beauty is natural. I smile when I`m sad. I cry when I`m happy. Deep down, I`m a lover. A dreamer. and a fighter. I`m mistaken for my stupidity, when my knowledge can overthrow yours. I procrastinate on everything, but manage to get it all done. I stay up all night, and sleep all day. Or sleep all night and sleep all day. Sleeping is my escape. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, and I wish this streak of tiredness would go away. Sometimes I'm not even sure I believe in love, but if I fall, I fall hard. I am not one to care, and most call me careless. I've been told I'm heartless. Though deep down I have one of the biggest hearts you will ever know of. I am just living life. All in all, I`m either just like you, or completely different from you.

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Thanks for accepting my friendship, Adrastea!! >^+^<


Okay, we are now friends on here and work is done. Love your b&w profile pic, btw.....


Thanks for the add. I hope that we can work together some time in the future.........