How it works

Zivity is a creative, smart and sexy art patronage community of models, artists and backers.

Artists get paid by backers on the site. Backers have the option to vote on any set. Voting is a lot like Favoriting or Liking something on other sites, except for one key difference: votes are a buck each, with 55% for the model and 30% for the photographer. More votes means more money for the artists, which means more delightful photos for everyone! For backers, voting is a way to express their preferences, show their appreciation, and empower their favorite artists to keep creating.

Oh, but there's more: is there a photo set you've always wanted to see, but never have? Make it happen here! Anyone on Zivity can up a cash prize for a photo set centered around the theme of their dreams: vampires vs. robots, elves gone wild(e), stuffed animal Jello wrestling – whatever you can imagine. Artists submit photo sets based on your prompt, and the prize creator chooses the winner. Who knew being a patron of the arts was so much fun? Take a look at some of the current prizes.

"To me, Zivity is all about community. I love how members can interact freely and feel safe and proud about sharing their work and words in this space. Of course I also can't ignore the abundance of creativity! Vive l'art!"

-Floofie, Zivity Model


Model accounts are always free! Just give us a shout at [email protected] and we'll help you get started. Connect with a vibrant community of fans and network with top photographers. It's time to get paid for doing what you love.

  • Become a superstar! A vibrant community of future fans & collaborators awaits you.
  • Be Yourself.We welcome and promote all body types, ages, and levels of body modification (or lack thereof).
  • Stay in control. You get final approval of every single image before it goes live. And we'll never resell your images to another site.
  • Nudity not required. Zivity is a safe space to tell any story you want – whether it includes clothes or not.
  • Feel safe. Everyone on Zivity makes sure it's a lively, welcoming place where you're always comfortable.
  • Play around. Feel free to experiment! Get feedback from our community on different looks and styles.
  • Get paid. Any time any set of yours get votes on Zivity, you'll get paid – forever.
  • Change your mind.You're not stuck on Zivity for all eternity: we ask for two years to display your photos. Then, if you decide it's not for you, we're happy to take your photos down.

"Thanks to Zivity, my entire life has changed. My photography has evolved to a whole new level. I feel constantly inspired, and I even met my best friend in the whole world on Zivity!"

-Pirate Photography, Zivity Artist


Photographer accounts are always free! Just give us a shout at [email protected]. We'll help you get started. Connect with fellow artists & new models and jumpstart your imagination while keeping your creative rights and earning extra money.

  • Enjoy creative freedom. Lights, styling, wardrobe, location – do what you want!
  • Instant gratification. Zivity's voting system gives you feedback on your work and money in your pocket.
  • Network it up. Meet new models & potential collaborators.
  • Be inspired. Compete in creative photo competitions dreamed up by fellow Zivity members to win cash.
  • Spread the love. Sell your photos anywhere you like; we don't ask for exclusivity.
  • Get paid. Anytime any set of yours get votes on Zivity, you'll get paid – forever.
  • Gain recognition. Gather a following, build your portfolio, and learn from other photographers.
  • Stay in control. We'll never resell your images to another site. If we think your work would look good on a Zivity shirt or in a book, we'll get your approval first.

"I absolutely love Zivity. Not only is it a place for like minded artists, photographers & models to come together as a community but a great place to make friends. Zivity is a Mecca of creative interests."

– Jean, Zivity Backer


Be the driving force behind something new and original: get to know artists & models, support them directly, and inspire new creations.

  • The door's open. Come meet the people behind the images you love and make some new friends.
  • Be more than a fan. Give feedback that means something to artists who care.
  • Lose yourself. With over 15,000 sets and 2,500 models, Zivity's bound to have something you like.
  • Support your favorites. Your votes help the people you admire do what they love. Thanks to you, models & photographers can keep creating, improving, and experimenting.
  • Become a creative director. Zivity can fulfill your artistic vision: pitch your concept to the community, back it with a bounty of votes, and watch your idea come to life in sets submitted by photographers & models.
  • Join the revolution.We're transforming the way art gets made online. Come be a part of it.
  • Get started now. Get started now. Every subscriber plan comes with a bundle of free votes for you to spread to the artists you love!